Strawberry and Yoghurt Parfait

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Use this recipe to whack someone who says, “Healthy food never tastes good” or “Delicious food can never be healthy”.


The high achieved out of creating something yum out of the seasonal favourite in under 5 minutes is supreme. What’s more, your calorie meter will be dancing with joy even after you scoff down 4-5 helpings of this at one go.


I dislike eating fruits (sounds ridiculous but it’s true) but still found myself surreptitiously adding more strawberry to my portion.

So if you’re the “Ew! Fruits!” type, then be prepared to get converted.


Also, the parfait looks like Christmas in a cup! Now who in their right mind would not like to have that?!

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INGREDIENTS: (for 4 servings)

  • Yoghurt (low-fat) : 2 cups
  • Fresh strawberries (chopped): 2 cup
  • Brown sugar:  2 tablespoons
  • Lemon juice: 1 tsp.
  • Digestive/ Diet cookies (crumbled): 2 cups
  • Low fat butter: 2 tbsps.
  • Toasted almond flakes: For garnishing



To create strawberry compote, put strawberries in a hot pan, sprinkle the sugar and drizzle lemon juice. Heat till the strawberries will start releasing juices and the mixture is sticky and bubbly.


Bash the cookies to crumbles and pour melted butter over it. Mix thoroughly.


To assemble:

Take a jar or a nice-looking glass container and start layering the elements. There is no rule as to what goes first so you can decide the order and number of the layers. I was out of toasted almond flakes but I usually sprinkle some as garnish and for a crunch.


Happy Winter!




Smoked Red Pepper and Tomato Soup

There’s nothing that screams ‘comfort’ louder than unwinding with a bowl of hot soup, a cosy blanket and a good book. Also, winter is a-coming (silent fist pump)!

So just imagine a chilly evening (pretend, if you’re in Bombay), a giant blob of butter gently melting away on steaming hot bread and that bowl of soup. The classic way of making soup generally involves toiling away in the kitchen for a good hour or two, over a simmering pot, slowly cooking the soup, then blending, then garnishing… And oops… you missed that awesome dusk-fall.

Instead, this recipe gives you a creamy, robust soup in less than 20 minutes. Yes, yes, I feel your love already 🙂

Smoked Red Bell Pepper and Tomato Soup




  • Tomatoes: 3-4 (quartered)
  • Red bell pepper: 1 (cut into chunks)
  • Onion: 1 (cut into chunks)
  • Garlic: 4-5 cloves
  • Basil: finely chopped
  • Dried red chilli: 1 (optional)
  • Sugar: 2 tsps.
  • Mustard powder: 1 tsp.
  • Seasoning
  • Fresh cream: 3 tbsps.



Heat oil in a pan until it is smoking hot. Flash-fry all the veggies until they are charred. Blitz the cooled mixture with some water to make a paste.

In a tablespoon of oil, reheat the paste and add the seasoning and condiments. Keep tasting while you add the condiments to make sure you get a balance of the flavours. Adjust according to what you like; add more sugar to make it sweeter or red chilli powder if you want it hotter. Once the mixture is completely cooked (the oil will separate and form a layer), adjust the consistency. This, again, is according to how you like it. Add fresh cream to make it creamy or water to make it lighter. If you want  a fat-free version, you could even substitute the cream with milk.


I personally love creamy soups so I add about half a cup of cream and then garnish it with some sage fried in butter. Talk about indulgence!


Once the soup reaches the consistency that you prefer, turn down the heat and simmer it for a couple of minutes just so that all the flavours come together. Pick up your favourite book, grab that slice of fresh baguette, dip and eat. How I love winters!